Unveiling the True Cost of François Fillon’s Manor Lifestyle

Welcome to a journey through the grand estate of former French politician François Fillon and his wife Penelope, nestled in Solesmes, Sarthe.

Beaucé Manor: A Purchase of Prestige

The couple acquired this beautiful manor, known as Beaucé, in 1993. They paid 400,000 euros for the property, which now is a symbol of their refined taste and love for grandeur.

The Expanse of Beaucé

Beaucé isn't just a , it's a sprawling estate. The manor itself occupies 1,107 square meters. The property also houses additional outbuildings spread across another 1,062 square meters. But that's not all, the land surrounding the property extends over a vast 12 hectares.

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Inside the Manor

Step inside the manor and you would be greeted by a stunning entrance hall. The interiors also house a chapel, a lamp room, and an impressive number of bedrooms, 14 to be exact. The manor reveals a blend of elegance and historic charm at every corner.

Regal Upkeep

Keeping the manor's lawns well-manicured is a task that demands 12 hours of toil from a dedicated gardener. The regular keeping of the entire estate, however, warrants the employment of three to four full-time staff for chores like cleaning, laundry, and ironing.

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Renovations and Maintenance Costs

Over the years, the manor has seen renovations costing 300,000 euros. As for the monthly upkeep, the estimated costs range between 5,000 and 7,000 euros.

Investigation of the Manor

Despite the charm and grandeur, Beaucé has also been under scrutiny. Anti-corruption officials conducted a search of the manor in 2017 following allegations of false jobs involving Penelope Fillon.

Current Value and Potential Profit

The current estimated market value of the property stands at 750,000 euros. This estimation implies that if the couple were to sell, they could potentially reap a substantial gain.

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