Danger! Your Home Decor Choices Could be Outdated by 2024

If you're looking to stay on trend, we're about to unveil the moves that will be defining . Say goodbye to wool and satin, and prepare to welcome a surprising mix of natural and modern .

Farewell to some fabrics

Shaking up the scene in 2024, wool and satin are making their exit. Replacing these outdated materials will be more contemporary and timeless options.

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Refreshing replacements

Replacing wool and satin in 2024 will be a line-up of corduroy velvet, tweed, washed linen, and percale cotton. Not only do these materials bring a different visual dynamic, but their texture can also bring life to any room.

Natural is the new modern

The year 2024 will not just be about textile transformations. A stronger focus will be put on natural materials, such as raffia, wicker, and hemp. These materials not only give a timeless feel but also help to promote .

Combination of natural and warm textiles

Maximizing the use of natural materials doesn't mean you can't add a touch of warmth. Incorporate warm textiles such as felt and suede along with corduroy velvet for a cozy and stylish home.

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Colors and decor trends of 2024

Other noticeable changes will be seen in the color palette and of 2024. The overall theme will revolve around neutral and warm , with bright colors making a statement in smaller doses. The shift from perfect and organized interiors to a maximalist trend is all set to take place.

Metallic touch with aluminium

Aluminium will be the hot new material in 2024, bringing a metallic and futuristic look to interiors. The reflective surfaces can add depth and an interesting visual twist to any space.

Add vitality with playful patterns

Finally, playful and colorful patterns will be used to bring a much-needed vitality to interiors. Rugs and cushions will bear these lively designs, bringing a refreshing change to any room.

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