Discover How this Dull 80’s Apartment Transformed into a Stunning Oasis

A complete makeover of a 1980's apartment in Levallois has turned it into a vibrant, light-filled haven. A daring mix of , crafts, and contrasting all masterfully implemented by an interior designer.

Optimizing Space and Movement

The spacious 145 m2 apartment has been carefully refashioned, not only to optimize space and flow but also to cater to the owner's unique requests. The requirements included a Klein blue color scheme, a centrally located parent bedroom overlooking the , and a visible game room from the living room.

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Softer Atmosphere with Curves and Light

The formerly cold, impersonal atmosphere has been softened and made more welcoming with the clever use of rounded shapes and light. A good illustration of this is the main bedroom wall with its double arch opening. This rounded wall, coupled with a sliding door, allows the living room and bedroom to share space and light.

Curved designs have been thoughtfully incorporated throughout the apartment, evident in the entry , tables, game room alcove, sofa, and light suspensions. Further adding dynamism to the apartment is the partially removed false ceiling, creating height variations and energy.

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Colorful Living Room and Black Kitchen

The aim was to blend contemporary furniture with natural and crafts, creating a warm and inviting living space. The result is an eye-catching black kitchen, brought to life with zellige tiles that stretch up to the ceiling. These striking tiles complement the Moroccan coffee tables in the living room.

Surrounding the kitchen and living room are a vintage shell armchair and a design sofa, presented in a contrasting palette of black, white, and vivid blue. The bedroom's custom arrangements, clad in braided raffia, and the walls painted with lime paint, add character to the minimalist .

Enhanced Style and Character

The transformation was more than just a face-lift. It instilled the once bland interior with undeniable style and character.

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