The Colourful and Eccentric Home of Singer Mika

Step inside the vibrant world of Mika, a British-Lebanese singer known for his stint as a judge on The Voice, who resides in the sunny city of Miami.

With a flamboyant personality matching his vibrant house, it's no surprise that Mika's dwelling is a sight to feast your eyes upon. Bursting at the seams with eccentricity and color, this Miami-based wonder showcases a flair for the exotic.

This artistic wasn't always the tropical haven it is today. Initially purchased online, the house, built in 1927, underwent a hefty six-year process. The outcome is a testimony to both patience and a great sense of style.

A Peek Inside

Recently, Mika offered a sneak peek into his abode via a tour video on TikTok. The house is adorned with quirky elements, each more exotic than the next. Take for instance the decorative pineapples, a lamp boasting duck feathers and feet, a large colorful mask, a dollhouse with electricity, a painted pottery head, and an oversized rattan chandelier featuring monkeys.

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The vibrant aesthetic extends beyond and decorative items to the very walls of the house. Painted by Mika's sister, Yasmine, the walls are covered in panoramic murals mimicking a tropical jungle, complete with depictions of wild animals like lions and monkeys.

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The Outdoor Oasis

Not one to shy away from sharing, Mika posted a second video touring the exterior of the house. As inviting as the interiors, the outdoor space is a lush paradise. Think of a comfortable outdoor , adorned with bistro-style lights and surrounded by whispering palm trees.

Mika's sunlit sanctuary also features a large swimming pool, ideal for a cooling dip under the Miami sun. The pool area is decked with beautiful lounge chairs, offering a perfect spot for relaxation and recovery after a refreshing swim, making it more than just a home, but a personal retreat.

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