Unveiling the Scandalous Interiors of Zazie’s Parisian Home

If you are a fan of French singer Zazie, this might intrigue you. A glimpse into the singer's and stunning abode in the heart of Paris and her tranquil retreat in .

Zazie’s Remarkable Parisian Residence

Belleville, a vibrant neighborhood in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, is where Zazie calls . The singer resides in a house with a distinct industrial history, as it was previously a mustard factory. This striking blend of industrial and residential styles creates a space that is both unique and inviting.

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The Renovation

Retaining its industrial charm, the property has undergone a drastic . After a year and a half of , the old mustard factory became a 3000m2 loft. Modern conveniences such as automatic doors and lights blend seamlessly with the historical aesthetic. Not to forget, there is also an indoor pool adding a touch of luxury to the space.

Decorative Inspirations

Zazie has garnished her home with personal objects gathered from her travels, adding a personal touch to the space. Her passion for bells is evident as they are hung throughout the house and . Interestingly, she finds inspiration in a laundromat, a place she describes as one of constant movement.

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Zazie’s Brittany Hideaway

When the noise and pace of Paris becomes too much, Zazie retreats to her second home near Guérande, Brittany. Acquired during the confinement period, this tranquil haven allows her to escape the rush of city life.

The Brittany house much like her Parisian home, has a distinct character. It houses her piano, where she composes with the calming background sounds of waves and birdsong. A perfect escape for someone seeking tranquility and inspiration.

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