Discover the Shocking Secrets Inside Pinterest’s New Offices

Imagine walking into a workspace that embodies the visual appeal of Pinterest. That's exactly what Pinterest's new offices in Chicago offer. The of these offices is a reflection of the platform's distinctive aesthetics, delivering a constant flow of inspiration to its occupants.

Stepping into a Pinterest Board

The entrance to these offices greets you with a massive grid of screens, replicating the appearance of a Pinterest board. This isn't a static display; it constantly shifts, offering a mix of static photos, animations, and videos to fuel the creative spirit.

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Flexible Work Zones and Thematic Environments

These offices are not just visually stimulating; they also provide a flexible and accommodating work environment. Given the implementation of a new policy named PinFlex in July 2022, employees now have the freedom to operate either from or from any of the 20+ global offices. The office spaces themselves are a medley of themed environments and flexible zones.

Inspiration-Driven Decor

There is no shortage of inspirational in these offices. They are filled with decorative elements, meticulously chosen to reflect the visual identity of the company as well as the iconic features of Chicago. Thematic spaces adorned with photo-ready backgrounds, and local incorporations like a Chicago-style deliver unique character to the offices. Furthermore, architectural elements reminiscent of Chicago's Riverwalk are present, binding the design to its locale.

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Blending Outdoor Elements

In addition to interior inspirations, the offices incorporate elements from the outdoors as well. Indoor plants and a landscaped infuse a touch of nature into the workspace. Common areas feature benches and garden settings, echoing architectural elements seen along the Chicago river.

Bringing Pinterest Office Vibes to Your Home

  • Want to recreate the feel of Pinterest's new offices in your own workspace? Start by choosing colorful decorations and graphic patterns.

  • Next, create thematic zones that showcase your personal interests and passions.

  • For a refreshing touch, incorporate elements of nature like indoor plants into your workspace.

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