Discover Amanda Lear’s Hidden French Paradise

Popular singer, model and artist Amanda Lear has found her refuge in the scenic locale of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France. This is not just her , but the place the star wishes to spend her last days. Her connection with the property runs deep and her love for it is evident.

A Green Oasis

Amanda's residence is hidden within a lush landscape. Olive trees, lime trees, and orange trees enclose the property, giving it a serene and picturesque appeal. She is not just a bystander enjoying the beauty of her surroundings, though. The singer is actively engaged in olive cultivation, contributing to the verdant surroundings herself. There's a 200-year-old olive tree under which Amanda often enjoys a relaxing drink, finding pleasure in the simplest aspects of life.

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On-Property Facilities

The house is fully decked out with a swimming pool. Amanda also maintains a dedicated art studio on her property. It's here that she indulges in her love for painting and cooking, finding it a space to unwind, concentrate, and renew herself. This serves multiple purposes, allowing Amanda to live out her passions daily.

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A Sanctuary, Not Just a Property

Despite some friends viewing the property as overly large and costly, Amanda sees it as something far more personal – her sanctuary. She's reportedly invested all her money into this haven, considering it her place of peace where she can escape the outside world.

Her Final Resting Place

Expressing her deep emotional attachment to the property, Amanda has shared her wish to be cremated and her ashes spread in her beloved . More so, she intends to rest alongside the ashes of her cherished pets, a goat and three Labradors, in the tranquility of her garden.

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