Unearth Paris’ Hidden Japanese Treasure, iRASSHAi!

Discover iRASSHAi, an all-in-one concept store in ' historic Les Halles district. This destination offers everything you love about Japan in one place.

A Unique Blend of Experiences

iRASSHAi is more than just a store. It's a complete immersion into the heart of Japan. This concept store features two restaurants, a take away counter, a cocktail bar, a café, a cooking studio, and a large grocery store. You'll feel immediately transported to a contemporary, relaxed Japanese atmosphere right in the centre of Paris.

Exceptional Design

The striking architecture and elements of iRASSHAi were crafted by a Franco-Japanese duo. This collaboration between Hugo Haas of Haas Studio and Yusuke Kinoshita, a Japanese architect based in Paris, resulted in a unique blend of contemporary design using common such as wood (ash and chestnut) and aluminium. Most notably, the wooden and aluminium sheet was created by designer Christophe Dubois.

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Authentic Tableware

Not only does iRASSHAi provide a unique experience, but it also offers a carefully selected range of dishes. The store stocks bowls, plates, cups, and teapots from top Japanese brands such as Hario, Kinto, Noda Horo, Akao, and Igamono. This allows enthusiasts to recreate the Japanese table art in their own homes with small decorative objects.

Food and More

When it comes to food, iRASSHAi offers a variety of culinary experiences. From a traditional canteen to the atmospheric Izakaya, a serene café, and a well-stocked grocery store, there's something for every taste. The grocery store, located at the heart of the premises, boasts a wide range of products (over 1000) imported directly from Japan.

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Inspired by the traditional Japanese shokudo, SHOKUDO serves up a variety of mouth-watering Japanese curries. As the day turns into night, SHOKUDO transforms into a lively Izakaya, filled with shared plates, clinking beer glasses, and robust conversation.


For a more tranquil experience, Café KISSATEN provides a peaceful oasis. Here, they serve iconic Japanese pastries paired with a careful selection of hot or cold beverages. The café's signature drink is the matchaffogato, an inventive twist on the Italian dessert, combining matcha shot and a scoop of ice cream.

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