“Coeur de Pirate Transforms Old Cabin Into a Modern Masterpiece”

Join Coeur de Pirate and her partner Marc Flynn on their adventurous journey as they take on the task of renovating a quaint cabin in the heart of Canada.

The duo has engaged themselves not only in the process, but they are also managing the entire project. Their roles don't just end at the renovation; they are also putting their artistic skills into play while looking after the interior . Inspired by the distinctive style of the 1970s, they aim to infuse the cabin with a mid-century modern touch.

The roles of Coeur de Pirate and Marc Flynn

With a keen eye for detail, Coeur de Pirate is concentrating on creating the perfect retro modern ambiance. Her role entails ensuring that every element added to the cabin aligns with the planned aesthetic. Meanwhile, Marc Flynn uses his hands-on renovation experience to bring practicality to the project. His insights play a significant role in transforming the cabin into a masterpiece.

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The journey goes live on TV

The duo's adventure isn't confined to the walls of the cabin. They're set to share their journey, including challenges and triumphs, with the public through a TV show named “The 12 tasks of Beatrice.” The series, which consists of 10 episodes, will air on CASA.

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Other pursuits of Coeur de Pirate

While engaging in the renovation project, Coeur de Pirate is also showing off her dancing skills in a different arena. She is currently participating in “Dancing with the Stars” aired on TF1, where she has partnered up with the notable Canadian dancer, Nicolas Archambault.

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