Discover Philippe Etchebest’s Secret Rural Retreat!

Philippe Etchebest, a renowned chef from France, has a cherished hidden retreat – a farm in Dordogne. This private gem in the rural area of Bergerac, blanketed in verdant meadows and teeming with horses, provides an escape from the spotlight.

About the Farm

Etchebest's farm is more than just a rural abode. It embodies a vital link to his roots and provides respite amidst nature and his kin. This balance is fundamental to him, far from the hustle and bustle of his professional life.

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A Private Sanctuary

Known for guarding his privacy, Etchebest reveals details about his farm only in infrequent interviews. The public only caught a glimpse of this haven during a remote interview conducted amidst the 2020 lockdown, showcasing snippets of the farm.

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Life on the Farm

Spending time at the farm with his wife and son, Oscar-Louis, Etchebest savors the tranquility it offers. The farm hosts a variety of animals, including horses, speaking to Etchebest's affinity towards animals and the candid relationships they bring.

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