You Won’t Believe Where This Koh-Lanta Star is Living Now!

Former Koh-Lanta contestant, Claude Dartois, is swapping the hustle and bustle of for the peaceful of Gers. With family as his main motivation, he is stepping out of the spotlight and into a closer to his wife's family in Toulouse.

Investment in Personal Haven

Dartois has found his new abode in the beautiful Gers. The house, boasting a pool and an eye-catching view of the serene surrounding nature, is not only a place of solace but also a project for Dartois. Not satisfied with the existing structure, significant renovations have taken place, transforming the already charming property.

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Home Improvements Shared on Social Media

Not one to keep his life private, Dartois has taken to Instagram to share the ongoing renovations with his substantial following of over 579,000 people. The house renovations are being carried out by none other than Yassin Metiri, a fellow former Koh-Lanta contestant. Among the transformations taking place is the conversion of the garage into a guest room complete with an attached .

Renovation Trend Among Fellow Contestants

Dartois is far from alone in his pursuit of home renovations. Freddy Bouchet, another former Koh-Lanta contestant, is also refurbishing his family home. The house, which dates back to 1880, is located in Lys-les-Lannoy in the North of France. The main aim of the project is to improve the insulation of the house. Like Dartois, Bouchet is also sharing the progress on Instagram for his followers to see.

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Similarly, Cindy Poumeyrol, one more former Koh-Lanta contestant, has embarked on an ambitious renovation project. Located in Bordeaux, her pre-1900 farmhouse is undergoing a total overhaul both internally and structurally. Plans are in place for an extension that will include a pool house, summer , and a studio.

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