Ardisson and Crespo-Mara’s Unorthodox Love Life: How do They do it?

An uncommon yet content setup, Television host Thierry Ardisson and journalist Audrey Crespo-Mara, lead separate lives within the same city. They chose this life not from a lack of affection but, in fact, to enhance it.

The duo shares a daily rendezvous – a testament to their commitment. Their residences, separate yet in close proximity, are a reflection of their relationship. Ardisson firmly believes that cohabitation can sometimes extinguish romance. He finds this distinctive arrangement quite fulfilling as it allows each other's space while maintaining the spark of their relationship.

Ardisson's conviction lies in the idea that a bit of physical distance preserves the mystery between them, making their frequent meetups more delightful. An additional benefit that he has noticed is the noticeable absence of disputes. He shares that even when Crespo-Mara spends a few days at his place, they manage to keep any disagreements at bay.

Living Apart Together – The Lifestyle

Ardisson resides on Rue de Rivoli. His place overlooks the serene Tuileries , providing him peace and inspiration right at his doorstep.

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On the other side of the spectrum, Crespo-Mara lives in the artistic suburb of Montmartre in . Her residence amidst the bohemian culture of the city offers a creative and lively touch to her day-to-day life.

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Staying Close

Despite their decision to live apart, Ardisson has ensured not to let the geographical distance affect their bond. He has another apartment on the first floor of Crespo-Mara's building. This setup lets him stay close to his partner while respecting her personal space.

This unique relationship setup seems to work well for the couple, bringing them the best of both worlds. They enjoy the thrill of daily meetings without the often-redundant disputes that can come from living under the same roof.

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