Christophe Willem’s Surprising Down-to-Earth Lifestyle: No More “Golden Prison”

Christophe Willem, the , enjoys the tranquility of his house located in Val-d'Oise, a fleeting retreat from the chaos of the music world where he can really connect with

Rooted Deep in Val-d’Oise

Willem, a proud Valdoisien, was raised in serene towns, including Enghien-les-Bains and Deuil-la-Barre which are embellished by stunning lakes and lavish greenery. The deep connection Willem has with Val-d'Oise is rooted in his upbringing and it extends to his present day life as well.

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Home amongst Nature

His love for nature emerges from his inherent environmental sensitivities. Opting for a house in Val-d'Oise was a conscious choice, allowing him to live and thrive amidst nature. The fact that the house was bought on a credit stands as a testament to the modest income earned from his music career.

Source of income

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Willem does not have vast amounts of wealth. His income predominantly stems from the sales of his records, rights to his performances, and from the concerts he partakes in. This limited inflow of cash reiterates his humble and genuine passion for music rather than a quest for material wealth.

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The Parisian Chapter

Back in 2006, at the inception of his career, Willem called the city of his . This continued until 2010, marking a considerable chapter of his life. Yet, he perceived the city as a “golden prison”, devoid of the open air and natural beauty he craved. This love for eventually drew him back to his roots, close to nature where he truly belongs.

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