Unlock the True Personality of Your Home with These 5 Design Styles

Explore the distinctive aspects of five popular interior styles: contemporary, Scandinavian, industrial, vintage, and bohemian. Each one offers characteristics to cater to different personality types and lifestyles.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary style goes hand-in-hand with modern . It boasts a minimalist aesthetic wherein less is more. Its showcases fine lines and a sleek design, giving spaces a clean, uncluttered look. Materials typically used include light wood, metal, and glass. The color palette typically revolves around neutral shades like white, gray, brown, and cream.

Scandinavian Decor

A variant of the minimalist design, Scandinavian decor is designed to create a space that invites relaxation. Functionality and simplicity are its hallmark characteristics. Furniture is functional and often made of wood. The color scheme leans towards pastel hues such as pink, blue, green, and beige.

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Industrial Style

The industrial style draws its inspiration from artist workshops and factories. It is characterized by exposed beams, raw material walls, and heavy elements like XXL metal doors. Furniture is often made of solid wood with metal legs, accompanied by leather sofas. The dominant colors in this style are dark shades like black and brown.

Vintage Interior

The vintage interior style is a nostalgic nod to 1950s decoration. It is characterized by the usage of restored vintage items, adding a touch of originality to your space. This style values quality over quantity and uses colors that resemble vintage materials like copper. Materials used often include velvet, metal, vinyl, and wood.

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Bohemian Interior Decoration

The bohemian interior decoration style is all about honoring freedom and creativity. It fosters a colorful and warm environment through the usage of like wood, wicker, rattan, and textiles. This style incorporates green plants for a natural ambiance and can be personalized with accessories and travel accessories. Diverse patterns, especially ethnic inspirations, are used abundantly. However, it's recommended to limit the decoration to a maximum of three colors.

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