Discover the Secrets to Designing a Small Open Kitchen

Designing a small open can be a challenge, demanding careful thinking and smart strategies. This guide will lead you through the process smoothly, focusing on practical solutions that prioritize functionality.

Understanding Space and Purpose

When working with an open kitchen, the first thing you should do is establish a clear distinction between the kitchen and the living space. Room dividers or a central island can serve this purpose well. Rather than utilizing paint or wallpaper to separate the two areas, physical features can provide a more definite division.

Lighting Your Kitchen

Allowing to flood into your kitchen is fundamental. Avoid blocking windows and other sources of daylight. If natural light is limited, enhance your kitchen's brightness with wide ceiling lights or additional wall lights. Consider installing spots above worktops to ensure all areas are well-lit for cooking and meal prep.

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Practical Matters

When it comes to kitchens, functionality should be at the forefront of your . Aspects like smell control, splash protection, food preparation and dining spaces are key factors to consider.

  • An installed splashback can shield your walls from stains and splatters during cooking.
  • For the dining spot, aim for a balance between space-efficiency and . If you're working with a tight space, a moderately sized table that can handle both everyday meals and special occasions is a smart choice.
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Storage Solutions

considerations are an integral part of small kitchen planning. Finding a balance between open and closed storage can keep the space orderly without making it feel cluttered. Open shelves offer easy access to frequently used items, while closed cupboards can store bulkier or less-appealing items out of sight. Every storage decision should be thoughtfully considered to meet your specific needs while maintaining the aesthetic you desire.

Remember, while can add personality to your kitchen, too many elements may overwhelm the space. Keep embellishments to a minimum and let the functionality of the kitchen shine through.

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