Discover the 7 New World Cuisine Hotspots in Your City!

Welcome to a culinary journey around the globe without leaving the of your city.

Disco Burger takes you back to the dazzling era of the 70s. Here, you will find disco balls, sequins, neons, and glitter setting the for a funky dining experience. Try their signature smash burgers wrapped in a shiny, disco ball-themed foil. Serving it with homemade sauce and fresh toppings, Disco Burger creates a night to remember.

Little Bambou

For a taste of the East, venture into Little Bambou. The restaurant sports an aesthetic reminiscent of Thailand, with wood, rattan, bamboo, and textured wallpaper woven into the décor. Velvet cushions on the seats add an extra layer of comfort. Explore authentic Thai flavors with their tempura vegetables, roasted cauliflower with delicate seasonings, indulgent creamy curries, and mouth-watering desserts.

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Kapé Coffee Shop

If you are looking for a quiet coffee break, step into Kapé. This coffee shop embraces a poetic and minimalist aesthetic, incorporating pastel and raw into its . Specialty products from the Philippines stock the shelves. Enjoy a warm cup of Ube-based coffee, a unique variety of yam native to the Philippines. Or savor their Ube bread and delectable Ube desserts.

Bloom Sushis

Experience Japanese culture at Bloom Sushis. The place is decorated with blond wood in a retro-Japanese style, inspired by the wabi-sabi philosophy. Their menu features vegan sushi, California rolls, and bowls filled with marinated vegetables.

Marta Bar

Step into a time capsule at Marta Bar. Bold patterned tapestry sets the tone for a wrap-around Second Empire style atmosphere. Enjoy their signature cocktails such as the Gin-based Delirium and the Dragon fruit-infused Lolita. Don't leave without trying their uniquely presented burger with fries served in a box matching the bar's .

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Facette Club

If you're into retro, you'll appreciate the orange corduroy velvet banquettes at Facette Club. The menu offers dishes like torch-burned mackerel paired with prunes, zucchini topped with fresh goat cheese and spinach coulis, and braised milk-fed piglet lettuce served with smoked eggplant.

The Crossing

Finally, The Crossing completes the trip with its warm and relaxed atmosphere. This dining spot features a combination of red and wood in its decor. Offering Indian-inspired dishes like Chaat, Chhena Khandvi, butter chicken, and mango lassi, it's a haven for those who appreciate Indian cuisine.

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