You Won’t Believe Where the Famous ‘Plus belle la vie’ is Filming Now

After spending 18 years on France 3, the well-known French TV show “Plus belle la vie” makes a grand comeback on TF1 with new thrilling elements.

Relocating to a Village near Marseille

Instead of the fictional Mistral neighborhood, the show now revolves around a quaint village close to Marseille. Notably, the picturesque town of Allauch, nestled in the hills of Marseille, is to a part of the filming locations, adding an authentic charm to the show.

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New Sets and Scenes

The introduction of new sets in the series has brought a fresh Provençal atmosphere. The well-known Mistral bar now sits on a new terrace, overlooking a traditional setting complete with a church and a fountain. Its location has also changed – it is now nestled in the Hostellerie, a place rich in history in the heart of Allauch.

Le Marci, the New Mistral Bar

Following a fire incident, the Mistral bar has undergone a and is now named “Le Marci”. The rebranding maintains a strong connection with the show's past, as it mimics the associated with Thomas Marci's restaurant. Visitors to Le Marci will be immersed in an atmosphere accentuated by wooden chairs, floor tiles, blue and salmon pink painted walls, and a glass roof that helps flood the space with .

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Filming in the Great Outdoors

Half of the entire filming process now takes place outdoors, enabling the series to beautifully showcase the regional landscapes and offer viewers an authentic Provençal experience.

Boosting Local Employment

Production of the series fosters local employment, generating an impressive 230 jobs per day. Moreover, the series upholds a strict filming schedule, churning out one new episode a day, ensuring viewers are never left waiting for too long.

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