Amazing Renovation Turns Tiny Studio into Luxury Apartment

Imagine a 22m² studio, nestled in the heart of Versailles, France, reborn from a renovation project led by interior architect Marion Gouëllo. The reimagined space now offers an ambiance of volume and spaciousness despite its minimal surface area.

Undertaking a full studio renovation is no small feat. From insulating the walls to refurbishing the electrical system and replacing windows, a total transformation was carried out. The result? An upmarket space designed for the of up to four guests.

Efficient Space Organization

One of the key factors for this renovation was the intelligent of living spaces. A meticulous focus on storage and circulation elements was essential in making the studio highly functional.

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Amenities and Features

The studio now boasts a multitude of features that are reminiscent of a apartment. These include a fully loaded , a complete with a considerable shower, and a separate toilet. Additionally, the apartment is equipped with a laundry area, a dressing room featuring a safe, and sleeping arrangements for four guests with a double bed and a sofa bed. It also includes a fold-out office/dining table and a wall-mounted television, adding to its charm and usefulness.

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Versailles-Inspired Decoration

The inspiration for the studio's came from the iconic Château de Versailles. The inclusion of a herringbone parquet floor and touches of oak in the kitchen and bathroom pay tribute to this Versailles connection. To further enhance the décor, hanging plants were added along with a royal blue wall paint in the bathroom, creating an inviting and cultured atmosphere.

Renovation Details

The renovation was completed in a span of just 2 months. The total expense for this impressive makeover was 33,000 euros. From a tired studio, the space was transformed into a luxurious dwelling that feels spacious and welcoming, despite its minimal size.

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