Rediscover Cleanliness with the Game-Changing Hoover HFX Vacuum

Looking for a practical and powerful cleaning solution? Meet the HFX vacuum from Hoover, a cordless stick vacuum that blends sophistication, efficiency, and affordability. This is your ticket to a spotless .

The Perfect Blend of Practicality and Power

The HFX vacuum stands out due to its high suction power of 63 AW. The absence of a dust tube means less suction loss, ensuring your vacuuming sessions are both quick and thorough. One charge is enough to clean up to 120m², making this vacuum an impressive ally in maintaining a clean home.

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Exclusive Features

What makes the HFX vacuum is its exclusive Corner Genie system. This, combined with a 360° articulated head, allows the vacuum to adapt to all surfaces. This ensures optimal suction no matter the position. And let's not forget the Anti-Twist brush which prevents hair from winding around the brush, making cleaning a breeze.

Additional Tools for Added Convenience

The HFX vacuum comes equipped with various tools including a 60cm flexible sucker. This is perfect for reaching high areas or cleaning narrow spaces. The vacuum also features an ergonomic, self-cleaning reservoir that can be emptied with a single gesture – talk about convenience!

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Ease of Storage and Attractive Design

Hoover's cordless stick vacuum HFX isn't just about power and practicality. It's also foldable and can be hung on its charging station, making a non-issue. Plus, its sleek and stylish is sure to add a touch of modernity to your home.

Amazing Savings

For a limited time, customers can enjoy a €100 discount on That means you can get the HFX vacuum for only €449.99 instead of €549.99. It's not often you find such an effective, quiet, and stylish vacuum at such an price.

HFX vacuum is a product born out of an in-depth analysis of hundreds of user testimonials. The result is a vacuum that not only saves you time but also saves you money. Don't miss the chance to make this powerful cleaning ally yours!

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