Unveiling the Magical Advent Calendar That Shook the Home Décor World!

Germany's Westwing unveils a bespoke Advent calendar for enthusiasts, designed to bring a touch of magic to the end of .

This Advent calendar, a traditional concept originating from 19th-century Germany, is now a worldwide staple as a festive countdown device, typically packed with small delights to fuel the anticipation of Day.

About the Advent Calendar

The Westwing Advent calendar comes in a large beige box, adorned with illustrations of glowing buildings. Its dimensions are an impressive 56 cm by 49 cm, with a depth of 27 cm, making it a substantial presence in any home. Signifying the days of December leading up to Christmas, the box features 24 sections, each marked with a golden number.

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What’s Inside

Within the 24 compartments of the Advent calendar, you'll find an array of surprises and treasures. Each item is selected for its potential to beautify your home or serve as an ideal gift. The calendar presents items from sought-after brands, including Samu Tray, Le Creuset, Yamazaki, and Rosendahl Lighthouse.

Adding to the allure, the Advent calendar also holds a selection of “lifestyle” staples to ensure a snug and warm Advent season. The exact details of every item remain undisclosed, maintaining the element of surprise essential to the Advent calendar tradition.

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Availability & Purchase

Those interested can find the Westwing Advent calendar for sale on the company's website. The calendar is priced at €249, offering significant savings considering its actual value of €575. This limited-edition Advent calendar has been available for purchase since late October.

Delivery is quick, and if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, returns are accepted until January . Please note, for returns to be valid, the calendar must remain unopened and in its original condition.

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