Think IKEA’s Cheap? Some Pieces Now Worth Thousands!

If you have ever thought that 's pieces are just for cheap and cheerful , think again. The value of certain IKEA items is skyrocketing due to their rarity and exclusive .

The Rising Value of IKEA Furniture: GUIDE Shelving Unit

Take for instance the GUIDE shelving unit. First debuted in 1985, it was sold for a mere 65€, but now if you were to find one, its value has surged to nearly 2000€. This unit holds a special place on select resale platforms like Design Market.

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More about the GUIDE Shelving Unit

The GUIDE shelving unit was the brainchild of designer Niels Gammelgaard. It is a metal structure that reaches a height and length of 170 cm. The standout feature being the reversible shelves in white and anthracite grey with edges that come in an assortment of four – red, blue, yellow, and green. From afar, it looks like a playful and colorful art piece.

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Other IKEA High-Value Items

And it's not just the GUIDE Shelving unit, there are other items from IKEA's past that have appreciated significantly in value. Here are a few examples:

  • Duett Suspension: Introduced in 1983, it was initially priced at 8.90€ and now it's valued around 250€.
  • Impala armchair: This was initially sold for 37€ way back in 1972. Now, this item's value is a whopping 2300€.

So, the next time you stumble upon an IKEA piece in a yard sale or thrift shop, remember it might just be a hidden gem.

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