Discover the Bathroom Colors You Should Avoid in 2024

When it comes to choosing a color for your in , it's important to know which shades are in and which are becoming passé. Outdated such as mouse gray are proving too neutral and bland, and are best avoided.

Designing your bathroom isn't just about functionality, it's about setting the right . With the wrong choice of color, you could be creating an atmosphere that is less than ideal. There are some colors that you should be wary of.

Bathroom Colors to Avoid in 2024

Dark shades: These include colors like black or dark blue. They can make the space look smaller, especially in rooms without windows, and thus not ideal for a bathroom setting.

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Bright shades: Vibrant red, raspberry pink, and apple green may sound fun and lively, but such powerful colors can potentially cause fatigue or stress over time. They should therefore only be used sparingly and in small touches to avoid overwhelming the space.

Trendy Bathroom Colors in 2024

Now that we've covered what you should avoid, let's delve into the colors that are currently making waves in bathroom for the year 2024.

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Natural colors: With more homeowners seeking to bring the of nature indoors, natural colors are becoming increasingly popular. Rich shades of chocolate brown, terracotta, ochre, green tones ranging from almond to olive to sage, are all excellent choices. These colors evoke a warm, soothing atmosphere and create a botanical ambiance, perfect for the bathroom.

Bright, energetic touches: For a bit of vibrancy and energy, consider incorporating touches of bright shades like orange or yellow. These colors can help invigorate and brighten the bathroom atmosphere, making your morning routine feel energized and encouraging a positive start to your day.

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