Avoid these Bathroom Renovation Errors: Here’s How

Renovating a is no small venture. Be it a compact shower room or a spacious family bathroom, every detail matters. Here, we share a candid recount of the pros and cons experienced during a recent . Learn from these experiences to avoid common pitfalls and regrets.

Initial Planning: A Blend of Practicality and Style

For this project, the initial plan aimed to inject brightness and space into the bathroom. A light beige tile was selected for the walls, offering a practical, easy-to-maintain surface that also enhanced the perception of space. The focal point was to be an Italian-style shower stretching the width of the room, promising modern flair and . Adjacent to the shower, a washbasin area was planned with space for a vanity unit, the specifics of which were still to be decided.

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Pitfalls and Regrets: Lessons Learnt

To fit the compact bathroom, a basic, low-profile white vanity was chosen with a small two-tiered cupboard under the sink. On reflection, a more -forward model with an array of storage solutions like sliding drawers would have been a better choice. The importance of considering the vanity design before concentrating on the shower area became clear.

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Storage quickly became a concern. The lack of integrated storage led to the installation of a less-than-attractive metal shelf for storing products and bath linens. In hindsight, investing in a closed custom storage system from the start would have been a wise choice.

Advice for Renovating Small Bathrooms

When renovating a small bathroom, several key factors deserve attention:

  • Material choice: Opt for that are moisture-resistant, non-slip, and easy to maintain for both floor and wall surfaces.
  • : Dark shades can make a small space feel even smaller and dull. It is advisable to avoid these.
  • Ventilation: If the bathroom lacks a window, it is imperative to install an appropriate ventilation system. This will help avoid mold growth due to steam accumulation.
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