Discover Mika’s Stunning Home: A World of Colors!

Dive into the colorful, vibrant world of Mika, the renowned British-Lebanese singer and musician, as we explore his Miami .

The house, a notable purchase made online a few years back, is a snapshot of history. This delightful abode, built in 1927, went through a meticulous six-year process, breathing new life into its antiquated walls.

Hand-Painted Interiors

Stepping inside, one cannot help but be awed by the interior decor. Mika's house isn't merely furnished; it's hand-painted entirely, giving each room a unique, personal touch. This makes the home feel more than just a residence—it's a living, breathing testament to art and creativity.

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It's worth noting the role Mika's sister Yasmine played in shaping this artistic sanctuary. As an illustrator, Yasmine put her talents to good use, assisting Mika in turning his house into a work of art.

A Cuban-Style Dining Room

Among the many delightful rooms in this home, the dining room holds a special spot. It's decorated in Cuban style, reminiscent of Mika's album covers. This consistency in aesthetic allows for a wonderful continuity of Mika's artistic vision throughout his residence and work.

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A Burst of Color and Playfulness

Mika's home stands out amongst others, due to its colorful and playful The walls come alive with hand-painted lions, monkeys, lush vegetation, and tropical flowers, mirroring the vibrancy of Miami itself. The interiors are a clear reflection of Mika's personality: vivid, energetic, and full of life.

Featured on France 2

Such a unique home doesn't go unnoticed. Mika's house was featured on Envoyé Spécial, a popular show broadcasted on France 2, showcasing the home's artistic vibrance and the creativity behind it.

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