Discover the Secrets of Caroline Roux’s Elegant Parisian Home

Delve into the stylish Parisian of Caroline Roux, a renowned political journalist, as we explore her sophisticated and elegant apartment located in the heart of ' right bank.

Unveiling Caroline Roux’s Chic Residence

Boasting grand windows, lofty ceilings, and pristine white walls, Caroline Roux's spacious effortlessly marries American simplicity with her own personal touch. Acquired and nurtured over the years, her living space mirrors her personality and taste, incorporating a balanced mix of modern features and vintage elements.

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The Personal Touch in Decor

Caroline Roux's keen eye for extends beyond her wardrobe and into her living quarters. One look at her reveals her preference for iconic pieces, such as the Eames Plastic Chairs and a generous, dark wood dining table. The accoutrements are not all about high design, though. Roux's space also hosts a mushroom lamp from Atollo (Voltex) and a selection of vintage fixtures.

Not one to shy away from adding personality to her space, Roux incorporates elements of history and humor through the use of carefully curated found objects. Bringing harmony to the environment are her favorite home fragrances, featuring Diptyque's Baies and Feu de Bois scented candles.

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Country Retreat Away from the City’s Hustle

When not immersed in the hustle and bustle of Paris' right bank, Caroline Roux retreats to the tranquility of Normandy. There, she owns a delightful country house located in Blainville-sur-mer, near Deauville. Accompanied by her husband Laurent Solly, their children Marceau (14) and Rosalie (19), and their pet cat, Berlioz, Roux frequently spends her weekends relishing the serene beauty of the countryside.

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