Chic Hotel Rebrand in Paris Changes Everything You Know

If you're looking for a fresh, unique experience in , a newly opened hotel might just catch your attention.

A New Gem in the Heart of Paris

The hotel's name is a nod to Montesquieu's book, “Les lettres persanes,” indicating a fusion of French history with an Eastern aesthetic touch.

Exceptional Comfort and Style

The Hotel de Montesquieu offers 15 distinct suites and 3 charming attic rooms. Each room is an oasis of and space, flooded with . Some rooms boast views of the Eiffel Tower or feature private balconies.

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Adding to their unique charm, rooms are decorated in a monochrome style, showcasing shades of Siena, straw, or slate blue. This blend of simplicity and elegance promises a luxuriously tranquil stay.

Experience Authenticity and Intimacy

The Hotel de Montesquieu strives to create a warm, intimate atmosphere that feels like . Authenticity plays a major part in the hotel identity, a fact apparent even in their choice of using real, vintage keys over the more modern magnetic cards.

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Fully Equipped for Luxury

With the aim to provide an unmatched experience, the Hotel de Montesquieu offers a range of services. A fitness room for those wishing to maintain their workout routine, a breakfast buffet in the lobby for an excellent start to your day, room service for moments of relaxation, and a bar for evening unwind are all part of the hotel's offering.

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