Uncover How an Ordinary Kitchen Turned Into a Rural Dream!

Discover how a traditional in Mimet, a quaint location nestled between Aix and Marseille, is transformed into a stylish country-inspired space with minimal alterations.

Our main mission was to revamp an old Provencal kitchen, keeping the original structure intact, yet bringing about a fresh and updated look. A significant factor to note is the absence of a requirement for any demolition work, thus keeping the task as unintrusive as possible.


We primarily focused on optimizing the space and adding functionality. A remarkable addition was the creation of a table extending directly from the worktop, providing a convenient spot for meals.

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Materials Used

The redesigned kitchen exhibits a rich, country vibe, achieved by the use of natural . The existing niches and the hood of the room were not discarded, but rather given a fresh coat of paint for a renewed appearance. The exposed ceiling beams were also painted, and optical illusion stripes were introduced to lend depth to the ceiling. The kitchen's overall was rendered using noble and .

  • The cupboards were crafted from Burgundy oak
  • The splashback and worktop were made from stoneware
  • The floor was laid with Travertine
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Custom Arrangement

The kitchen was intelligently arranged to cater to everyday family needs. All existing appliances were retained and subtly integrated into the new design. The introduction of a custom corner cupboard offered additional , making the room more practical and attractive.

The result is a kitchen that is simultaneously modern and bright, yet still exudes the charm of a classic country Provencal kitchen.

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