Discover the Shocking Truth about Roller Shutters Choices

Choosing a roller shutter for your or business can be a daunting task. With multiple options regarding operation, , and , it's vital to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Roller Shutter Choices: Manual or Motorized

Roller shutters can be categorized into manual and motorized models. Manual roller shutters operate with a crank or strap. If you're budget-conscious, these are a more economical choice. On the other hand, motorized roller shutters offer greater resistance and convenience. Additionally, solar models have recently become available. These innovative designs are not only environment-friendly but also economical, using solar energy to power the motor through photovoltaic panels.

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Material Choices: Aluminium or PVC

The two main materials used for roller shutters are aluminium and PVC. Aluminium is acknowledged for its resistance and , offering maximum security. Despite requiring maintenance such as cleaning the blades and lubricating the mechanical components, it's a modern and aesthetic choice.

PVC, on the other hand, is considered the best option in terms of the quality-price ratio. With its resistance and longevity, it can be an ideal pick. Available in various colours, PVC roller shutters can blend in with all styles. Additionally, they offer excellent heat and sound insulation.

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Design Choices: Traditional or Monobloc

Considering design, roller shutters come in two main types: traditional and monobloc. A traditional roller shutter is integrated into the frame, making no box visible from inside or outside. This design brings in more light and enhances the aesthetic appeal. However, it's completely invisible when raised and thus, suitable only for new constructions. Also, its complex installation process necessitates professional help.

A monobloc roller shutter, alternatively, comes with a box installed inside or outside above the opening. It offers performance on a par with traditional models, but may not be as appealing visually. Yet, it presents a feasible choice for those looking for efficiency and practicality.

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