Uncover “Chromatica”: Sarah Lavoine’s Striking New Collection

Evoke the vibrancy of Mexico with Maison Sarah Lavoine's freshly unveiled spring-summer collection, “Chromatica”.

The collection takes its cues from the vibrant streets of Mexico City, embodying the warmth and rich culture of the Mexican people. Notably, the textiles showcase , intricate patterns, including Maison Sarah Lavoine's stylish monogram. Accessories such as cushions and plaids sport rounded lines, jungle-inspired prints, and striking graphic patterns.

Color Palette

Alongside the new collection, Maison Sarah Lavoine introduces a refreshed color palette. This palette is dominated by strong, warm hues that evoke the spirit of Mexico City. The new , deep Cassis, shiny Paprika, vibrant Lagoon, and sunny Amarillo, are expertly blended to enhance the brand's iconic shades, like the famed “Blue Sarah”.

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Textures and Raw Materials

With a focus on textures and raw , the “Chromatica” collection is designed to create spaces that inspire spontaneity. Within the collection, numerous modular seating options are available, reminiscent of the relaxed of '70s vintage chairs. One such standout item is the Chill sofa, which features a modular corner seat that allows for the creation of personalized spaces.

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Adding to the unique quality of the collection are the Puzzle low tables. Crafted from oak, these tables exemplify the modular concept. They are available in a variety of colors, which when assembled, offer a colorful and attractive visual result.

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