Why is Famous French Singer Claudio Capéo Planning to Leave Alsace?

Discover the life of Claudio Capéo, a singer popularized by the TV show Dream Team on TF1, and learn about his potential plans for relocation. Known for his Italian origins, this personality of the French music scene makes his in Alsace, his birthplace.

Life in Alsace

Residing in a modest house in the village of Cernay, Capéo cherishes his roots. His life partner, Aurélie Willgallis, a florist by profession, shares their home along with their tow sons, Roméo and César. The family enjoys the tranquility of the rural life and the bond they share with the local community.

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Adding to their local ties, Capéo's parents live merely two kilometers away. This close proximity provides his children with the of visiting their grandparents on a regular basis, deepening their bond with the family's roots.

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Considering Brittany

Despite his love for Alsace, Capéo doesn't exclude the idea of relocating. has caught his eye and appeals to him for various reasons. The delightful food, beer, picturesque landscapes, and the friendliness of its residents have drawn him towards this region.

Slightly amusing to note, if this move comes to fruition, Capéo could potentially become neighbors with another renowned personality, Karine Ferri. Like Capéo, Ferri has also taken a liking to Brittany and owns a house there.

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