Are You Ready for the Surprising Wedding Trends of 2024?

As we delve into , Pinterest has highlighted exciting wedding , focusing on simplicity and nostalgia, as well as vibrant colors and Gothic glamour.

Increasing Trend for Simplicity and Intimacy

The desire for simplicity and intimacy in weddings is growing. A staggering 530% increase has been noted in Pinterest searches for the “quiet life,” suggesting a move towards more intimate, small-scale celebrations. Small forest weddings have seen an increase of 170% in searches, indicating a preference for warm and natural venues. Rustic wedding dresses have also seen a 50% surge, further supporting this trend.

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A Nod to Nostalgic Elements

The wedding scene is also witnessing a return to timeless, nostalgic elements. A clear inspiration can be seen from aesthetics dating back to the 70s and even further. The usage of vintage items such as plates, disco balls, and lace is gaining popularity, adding to the nostalgic atmosphere.

Bright and Bold Colors

Moving away from the traditional neutrals, there's a rising trend towards bright and bold colors. Burnt orange and sage green are leading the pack in this vibrant shift. This has also led to increased interest in colorful weddings, presenting a vivacious alternative to neutral-toned nuptials.

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Gothic Glamour Trend

Lastly, the allure of Gothic glamour is hard to miss. Terms like “dark romance” and “dramatic makeup” are becoming increasingly sought after, suggesting a bold uptake of dark colors. This trend, however, steers clear of clichés by balancing the dark hues smartly. For instance, a blue night tablecloth with gold accents, or dark flowers like blackish columbine or ‘Black Swan' iris in transparent vases are popular suggestions.

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