Discover the Spring 2024 Interior Colors You Must Avoid

Join us in exploring the hues to adore and the shades to sidestep to keep your in perfect sync with Spring 's interior .

It's time we bid adieu to some color tones of the past.

Outdated Colors for Spring 2024

  • Bubblegum Pink: This overly sugary pink hue radiates an immature vibe.
  • Teal and Turquoise: No longer portraying a sense of escape, these colors have lost their charm.
  • Mustard Yellow: Perceived as drab and unfashionable, except for its livelier variants like sunny yellows which remain a good choice.
  • Mint and Neon Green: These audacious shades are being substituted with more subdued, natural greens.
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As some colors bow out, others prepare to steal the show.

Hot Colors for Spring 2024

  • Lilac: This tender, romantic hue can be peppered around the house with accents on cushions, lamps, and rugs or even a feature wall.
  • Glacier Blue: Bringing a calming effect, this cool hue mirrors the freshness of spring skies, making it an ideal choice for relaxation areas.
  • Chick or Sun Yellow: Great for capturing the vibrant warmth of spring, this color stimulates positive energy.
  • Peach: A refined, understated tone that can be gracefully incorporated via , curtains, and accessories.
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Spring is the season of rejuvenation, a trait which should permeate into the realm of your home .

Spring Decorating Tips

  • Go Natural with Plants: Introduce fresh seasonal plants and flowers into your living space to mirror the outside spring bloom.
  • Lighten Up: Swap heavy curtains and thick cushions for lighter, airier textiles to reflect the change in season.
  • Opt for Natural Fabrics: Choose textiles like linen and cotton in gentle, pastel hues to maintain a soft, spring-like vibe.
  • Embrace Floral and Nature Prints: Amplify the spring mood by introducing floral motifs and nature-inspired prints, a trend that's gaining traction this season.
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