“Revolutionize Your Window Cleaning with WINBOT W2 OMNI Now!”

Get ready to revolutionize your window cleaning routine with the new WINBOT W2 OMNI from Ecovacs. This robot cleaner, designed specifically to tackle the time-consuming chore of window cleaning, comes packed with significant upgrades and features that make it stand out in the robot cleaner market. Plus, enjoy an extra perk of 50 euro discount at Boulanger.

Notable Improvements

The WINBOT W2 OMNI flaunts several upgrades from its predecessor, setting new standards in the robot cleaning industry. The incorporation of the WIN-SLAM 4.0 scheduling system lets the new robot increase cleaning efficiency by an impressive 30% more than the previous model.

Advanced smart sensors help in devising optimized routes for the WINBOT W2 OMNI, guaranteeing thorough cleaning. These sensors play a vital role in cleaning sensitive areas and hard-to-reach corners effectively. The inclusion of robust wide-angle spray technology with three nozzles ensures every bit of surface dirt is dissolved and wiped clean.

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Impressive Features

The WINBOT W2 OMNI boasts of an increased water retention rate on the cleaning cloth, a whopping 400% more than the previous model. This means more cleaning capacity and less frequent water changes.

Adapting to all types of windows and glass surfaces, this robot cleaner offers five versatile cleaning modes – quick cleaning, deep cleaning, edge cleaning, localized cleaning and complete cleaning.

With its autonomous operation, the WINBOT W2 OMNI can clean areas that are usually hard to reach. The docking station facilitates easy transportation and . Despite its powerhouse performance, the robot cleaner weighs only 5.6 kg and operates at a lower noise level of 63 dB, considerably less than the previous model's 76 dB.

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Enhanced Safety Measures

No need to worry about the WINBOT W2 OMNI slipping or falling. Anti-slip treads provide an excellent grip on slippery surfaces. Multiple anti-fall protection devices are in place, and the robot's ability to generate an air pressure of 2800 pascals ensures it maintains a vertical position without any difficulty.

For additional peace of mind, Ecovacs offers optional insurance to cover potential damage from falls.

With the WINBOT W2 OMNI's significant improvements in performance, convenience, and , it's no surprise that it's hailed as a market leader in robot cleaners. Don't miss the opportunity to get your hands on this game-changer with an introductory 50 euro discount at Boulanger.

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