Shocking: Make Delicious Crepes for Just Under 30 Euros!

Get ready for Chandeleur with Lidl's exclusive offer on a Russell Hobbs crepe maker, available for under 30 euros.

The crepe maker in question boasts a generous 30 cm diameter. This feature makes it an ideal choice for those who love large, thin, and well-cooked crepes.

Key Features

The Russell Hobbs crepe maker is not just about its size. It also comes with:

  • 1000 watts power: This feature guarantees a fast and efficient cooking process.
  • Quick heating time: This ensures even and controlled cooking, leading to perfectly cooked crepes every time.
  • Variable temperature control: Whether you like your crepes sweet or savoury, this feature allows you to adjust the cooking temperature to suit your preference.
  • Heating and readiness indicator: This handy feature lets you know when the crepe maker is hot enough to cook and when your crepe is ready to be served.
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Included Accessories

But the deal gets even better. When you purchase the Russell Hobbs crepe maker from Lidl, you also receive two practical accessories:

  • A wooden spreader (spatula): Perfect for spreading the batter evenly across the surface of the crepe maker, this tool helps you achieve professional results at .
  • A silicone spatula: This tool is ideal for flipping crepes without damaging their delicate surface.
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Grab this opportunity to make delicious crepes right in your . With the Russell Hobbs crepe maker from Lidl, Chandeleur has never tasted so good.

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