Choosing Right: The Color That Can Do Wonders for Small Kitchens

Color plays a vital role in influencing the overall appeal and functionality of any setting. Particularly, in smaller kitchens where space is at a premium, the right can make a significant difference.

Avoiding Certain Colors in Small Kitchens

Interestingly, the choice of color can affect the perception of space in a kitchen. Some have the capacity to compromise space illusion and can make the room feel somewhat oppressive. For instance, black should be sparingly used in small kitchens as its characteristics can create an environment that appears confined and oppressive.

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Why so? Black tends to absorb light rather than reflect it. This lack of light reflection renders an atmosphere that can be quite dark and confined. Moreover, walls painted in black can appear closer, thereby reducing the visual space and creating an impression of being crushed.

Beyond black, there are other colors to be cautious with in small kitchens. Dark shades like dark brown, navy blue, and dark green can have a similar effect of reducing the perception of space. Bright red, while adding a dash of life, can become oppressive when used in excess. Similarly, despite bright yellow's ability to imbue warmth, its excessive brightness can fatigue the eyes.

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Preferred Colors for Small Kitchens

On the brighter side, there are colors that are ideal for small kitchens. Light, bright, and neutral colors have the tendency to maximize the sense of space. White and cream shades are good examples, as they reflect light and give an open, airy feeling.

Light blue or turquoise can take things a notch higher by providing a fresh and open feeling. If you desire a warm and sunny atmosphere, pale pink or yellow would be perfect. These colors are not just attractive, they also promote a sense of spaciousness which can make your little kitchen seem bigger than it actually is.

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