Step Inside François-Xavier Demaison’s Paradise: A House Full of Secrets!

Splitting his time between the bustling city of and the serene beauty of the Pyrenees, actor François-Xavier Demaison enjoys the scenic tranquility of his country in Thuir, near Perpignan.

Not just drawn to the area randomly, François-Xavier Demaison found a deeper connection with the Pyrenees-Orientales region as it's his wife Anaïs's birthplace. As such, his love for the area and its natural beauty, is somewhat deeply personal.

A home in the Heart of a Vineyard

Residing in the Agly Valley, Demaison's country home offers more than just a picturesque setting. It is located within the Mirmanda vineyard, which the actor co-owns with a friend. This gives him the chance for wine appreciation right from his doorstep.

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A Collector’s Paradise

His home is more than just a living area, and is more aptly described as an open-air museum. Each nook and corner of his house is adorned with items he has discovered and collected from flea markets over time. Be it vintage items or unique artworks, his collection is diverse and intriguing, contributing to the distinctive character and charm of his abode.

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A House Full of Stories

Not just random collectibles, each object in Demaison's home has a unique story or memory attached to it. Among his first purchases was a sturdy draper's table from Honfleur, a piece that holds a special place in his collection. The house is so filled with these souvenirs and interesting finds that the actor jokes that he has run out of room for more items, a testament to his passion for collecting and preserving these pieces of history and art.

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