Transform Your Home This Spring with Some Stunning Decor Tips

Spring is upon us and it's time to reflect that in our homes. Bring the rejuvenating spirit of this season indoors with some delightful .

Introducing Pastel Colours to Your Decor

Begin by incorporating pastel colours to your decor. Soft shades of yellow, green, blue and orange can set a refreshing atmosphere. Consider placing colourful vases, pots, candles, plaids and cushions around your home. Also, displaying spring-themed posters is a way to further enhance the spring vibe.

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Creating a Spring Atmosphere

Adding a touch of nature to your decor will make your home feel like an extension of the vibrant outdoors. Flowers are a great choice for this. If you can, opt for freshly picked flowers. If not, a local store or florist will surely have a beautiful selection on offer. Dried flowers can also be a wonderful, long-lasting choice.

Spring Cleaning: A Must!

Welcoming spring also means embarking on a thorough cleaning of your home. Be sure to open your windows wide to let the fresh air circulate. Clean the entire house, from top to bottom. Organise items by emptying closets and boxes to sort and clean.

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Redecorating in Spring Style

Redecorate your home to embody the spirit of spring. To do this, use seasonal motifs like flowers, birds, sun and You could even consider changing out some items such as bath mats, tablecloths, candle holders and curtains. Opt for items in fresh pastel colours and floral motifs for a consistent spring aesthetic.

Adding Colour to Your Dishes

Don't stop at decor – bring the colours of spring to your table too. Consider visiting flea markets to find colourful plates, vases and patterned rugs. Indulge in fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Start adding color to your dishes with first strawberries, artichokes, beetroots, radishes, rhubarb, asparagus and other edible flowers.

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