Charlotte de Turckheim’s Unexpected Twist in Real Estate You’ll Never See Coming

Charlotte de Turckheim, a known face in movies like Les Tuches and Mince alors!, shares her fascination not just with acting but also with .

Together with her husband, Zaman Hachemi, they take pride in their beautiful property in the southern region of France, precisely in Eygalières. Turckheim's memories from her childhood vacations in this scenic Provencal village played a big role in settling on this location.

From Villa to Guesthouse

The idea to convert their into a guesthouse began taking shape in 2014. Not just an ordinary guesthouse, but one with a twist to it.

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Mas Notre Dame: A Hidden Luxury

The couple named their guesthouse Mas Notre Dame. Nestled within a two-hectare plot, Turckheim counts this well-preserved seclusion as a “”.

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The property boasts a main residence featuring four bedrooms. Much to their delight, each room is named after the couple's daughters, adding a personal touch to the place.

Hugh Grant: The Famous Neighbour

An intriguing characteristic of the Mas Notre Dame is its proximity to the of renowned actor Hugh Grant. This adds an extra dash of glamour to the guesthouse, further enhancing its appeal.

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