Discover the Hidden Dangers of DIY Bathroom Tiling!

Inviting the expertise of a professional for your tiling is a smart move to guarantee quality and proper installation.

There's more to bathroom tiling than meets the eye. Bathrooms demand particular and precise installation due to their exposure to water and humidity. A skilled tiler is equipped to meet all regulations related to bathroom tiling, thus ensuring that your bathroom remains intact and functional for years to come.

Different Bathroom Tile Materials

Bathroom tiles are available in a plethora of materials. Some of these include stoneware, mosaic, and earthenware, each of them offering a unique flair to your bathroom design.

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Stoneware Tiles

Stoneware tiles are a popular choice for many, thanks to their robustness and ease of maintenance. They have the added advantage of being able to impersonate other materials such as wood, natural stone, and cement tiles, providing a versatile option for different aesthetic preferences.

Mosaic Tiles

In the 80s, mosaic tiles were all the rage. Today, they are making a comeback in modern bathroom designs due to their unique style and vibrant .

Earthenware Tiles

Earthenware tiles bring a plethora of decorative possibilities to your bathroom. However, they might not be as durable as their stoneware counterparts.

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Selecting the Right Tiles

When selecting bathroom tiles, you must consider their resistance to moisture and limescale deposits. Two norms can guide you in assessing a tile's and resistance: the UPEC and PEI norms.

The UPEC Norm

The UPEC norm is an excellent guide to a tile's resistance to wear, punching, water retention, and chemical agents. This can help you select tiles that will withstand the test of time and usage.

The PEI Norm

The Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) norm rates tiles based on their resistance to abrasion. This rating is on a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 denotes the least resistant. This norm can help you identify tiles that can endure regular foot traffic without losing their aesthetic appeal.

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