Discover the Lavish Marrakech Paradise of French Singer Slimane

Slimane, best known for representing France in Eurovision 2024, first touched fame's horizon in 2016 after he participated in the show The Voice.

Life in Marrakech

By 2020, Slimane had already established a peaceful haven for himself and his daughter Esmeralda in Marrakech, Morocco. His luxurious , a beautiful blend of modern and oriental tradition, includes a swimming pool glimmering with turquoise water, and a terrace to enjoy the Moroccan sun. The interior is a pleasant palette of white walls, large windows, alcoves, garden lounges, mosaics, and various shades of blue.

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Star-studded Neighborhood

The singer is in good company in Marrakech. His close friend and fellow singer Vitaa, with whom he has recorded two albums, is his neighbor. Vitaa's residence, Benda, is another architectural marvel in Marrakech, designed by the renowned Orbis architectural firm.

Besides Vitaa, ex-rapper Diam's also lives in the vicinity. She owns Villa M, a noteworthy property in Marrakech that she put up for rent in 2022.

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Roots and Early Life

Slimane was born and raised in the suburbs of . First in Chelles, Seine-et-Marne, and then in Les Lilas, Seine-Saint-Denis, where he was attracted to the town's “village atmosphere”. While participating in The Voice, he resided in the neighboring town of Montreuil.

A Heartfelt Gesture

Using the financial success he attained through his flourishing career, Slimane made a heartwarming gesture in 2019. He bought a new house for his parents, acknowledging their role in his journey and ensuring their in the process.

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