French Star Alexandra Lamy’s Hideaway: Never Before Seen!

A delightful vision of tranquility, Alexandra Lamy's secluded house in the heart of the radiant Cévennes in southern France offers a glimpse into the private world of the renowned French actress.

About the House

Located in the Gard department, the region that served as a backdrop to Lamy's childhood days, the house holds a special place in her life. The property offers a private verdant space where she finds joy in the simple pleasures of .

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A Refuge amidst the Pandemic

This idyllic abode was not just a dwelling but a refuge for Lamy and her sister Audrey during the turbulent times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Opting for self-isolation before the nationwide lockdown was put into effect, the sisters found in this quaint house. Lamy found the period to be a pleasant throwback to their formative years.

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Lockdown Life in the Household

Life during lockdown was a bustling affair for Lamy, sharing the house with her sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. She found herself rediscovering an old hobby – cooking. With plenty of time on her hands, Lamy took to preparing meals for the family, a pastime she had not engaged in for quite some time.

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