Outdated Decor Trends You Must Ditch By Winter 2024

Dive into the upcoming season's forecast and discover what's not making the cut for winter . Say goodbye to certain decor trends and that have overstayed their welcome and usher in the new trends sweeping the design world.

Falling Out of Favor: Decor Trends

Starting off with the styles that will soon be seen less and less – the Scandinavian style, with its minimalist lines and neutral colors, is making way for different decor trends. Also bowing out are the vibrant, nature-inspired Jungle decor as well as the eclectic and worldly style.

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On The Horizon: Decor Trends of 2024

Coming up, we're seeing a shift towards warmer, more muted decor, away from the cooler tones of the past. Dark wood is expected to make a significant comeback, gracing homes with its timeless elegance. Other trends to lookout for include the use of deep colors complemented by bright accents for a balanced palette.

Colors Taking A Backseat

Moving on to colors, it's time to retire the hues that have enjoyed the spotlight for a while. Powder pink, Mouse grey, Duck blue, and Lacquer red have all had their moment, but are not anticipated to be popular in the winter of 2024.

New Kids on The Block: Preferred Colors for 2024

Taking their place are a host of warm and exciting colors. Vermillion, Bordeaux, intense purple, and chocolate brown are all set to make a splash. Also making a mark will be charcoal black, while bright pop colors such as orange and yellow will be the perfect antidote to the winter blues.

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Emerging Trends: What’s New in 2024

As we look towards the future, several emerging trends are poised to reshape the design landscape in 2024. Aluminium is getting a renewed interest, bringing a sleek, modern aesthetic to interiors. Get ready to see more zebra prints, adding a wild touch to spaces. Additionally, textures like tweed and corduroy are making a comeback, bringing a sense of coziness and warmth.

Glass and plexiglas are also rising in popularity. They bring a touch of 70's nostalgia, harking back to a time of bold designs and fearless creativity. These trends indicate an exciting time ahead for in 2024.

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