Uncover the Shocking Real-life Story of Isabelle Boulay and Éric Dupond-Moretti

Delve into the intriguing story of the charming Canadian chanteuse Isabelle Boulay and her companion Éric Dupond-Moretti, the French Minister of Justice; an intriguing narrative that spans nearly a decade.

Having initially encountered each other in 2016 at a convivial dinner party, Dupond-Moretti and Boulay quickly found common ground, their connection growing stronger over time. After five years, their relationship solidified when they entered a civil partnership in 2021.

Living Between Two Worlds

Embracing a cosmopolitan , Boulay divides her time evenly between France and her native Canada. This routine sees her spending alternate fortnights in Quebec with her son and in France with Dupond-Moretti. This arrangement allows for separate lives where each partner's independence is respected and valued.

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A Stunning Gift

In a grand gesture of love, Dupond-Moretti presented Boulay with an extravagant situated on the French Riviera. This resplendent property was intended for her vacation leisure. The price tag on this magnificent villa? A cool 1.55 million euros.

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Located in the idyllic Nice countryside, the villa offers breathtaking views of the Bay of Angels. With an impressive 300 square meter area, it is nestled amid a picturesque that enhances its allure.

Savoring the Local Delights

When they're not occupied with their professional responsibilities, the couple loves to engage in social activities with friends. They frequently dine at the famed local Nice restaurant, La Petite Maison, appreciating the gastronomic delights served amidst pleasant company.

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