Beware! This Celeb’s Staggering 20M Villa Will Blow Your Mind!

Arthur, a well-known TV host, is the proud owner of a stunning Provençal in the hills of , known for its ultra-exclusive residences. This lavish property, which was previously in the hands of ski champion Jean-Claude Killy, is worth a staggering 20 million euros.

An Impressive Architectural Marvel

This villa boasts a plethora of buildings and outbuildings, adorned with the charm of Provençal style, accentuating the elegance of the property. A large pool and a terrace offer a captivating view of the resplendent surrounding nature, making it a perfect oasis of tranquility.

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Privileged Location and High-Security Domain

Arthur's villa is nestled within a private, high-security domain, assuring absolute privacy for its residents. Its location in an ultra VIP neighborhood adds to the exclusivity of this property. Other VIPs are part of the prestigious group of neighbors in this vicinity.

A Glimpse of Arthur’s Real Estate Ventures

Arthur's impressive portfolio isn't just limited to this Provençal villa. In the past, he owned a striking brutalist villa in Uccle, Belgium, where he moved in 2013. He later sold this property and decided to move back to France. Presently, he splits his time between Paris and Saint-Tropez, displaying his affinity for both city life and the peaceful of coastal areas.

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Investments in Saint-Tropez

  • This TV host also showcases a keen interest in the hotel business. In February , he collaborated with the founder of the Naf Naf clothing brand to purchase Mas Bellevue.
  • Arthur has ambitious plans for this investment. In the coming years, he aims to transform this hotel into a palace, promising an exciting future for this property.

Arthur’s Real Estate Success

With an estimated fortune of 22 million euros, Arthur's success in real estate is undeniable. Over the years, he has bought, renovated, sold, and rented numerous properties, constantly reshaping his portfolio. His real estate ventures connect the dots of his journey, reflecting the evolution of his visionary approach.

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