Revamp Your Home for Christmas: Start Decluttering Now!

Prepare your home for the upcoming starting this December by and making room for the latest Christmas decorations. Here's a guide to kickstart your festive preparations.

Why Declutter before Setting up Festive Decor?

Start by decluttering and eliminating certain items from your home. This not only clears space for your festive decor, but also allows you to get rid of the old and make way for the new.

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Popular Decluttering Methods

There are several popular methods to help you declutter effectively:

  • Marie Kondo method: Retain only those items that spark joy in you, and sort the rest by category.
  • Four box method: Segregate items into “Keep”, “Donate/Sell”, “Throw” and “Store” boxes.
  • FIFO method: Prioritize getting rid of the oldest or least used items.
  • Tomato method: Set a timer for 25 minutes, focus on one task or clean one room, then take a 5-minute break once the timer is up.

9 Things to Get Rid Off Before December

To begin, here are nine things you should consider removing from your home:

  • Old, worn-out garlands
  • Cold lighting and decor
  • Seasonal bed linens
  • Autumn decorations
  • Autumn-scented candles
  • Outdated Christmas decorations
  • Wilted indoor plants
  • Excess paper
  • Damaged objects and malfunctioning appliances
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Once you've decluttered, you'll find that there's more space for you to set up your .

Christmas Decor Trends for 2023/2024

ahead for the festive decor? Here are some Christmas decor trends scheduled for 2023/2024:

  • Reinvented traditional: A blend of “grandpa chic” elements and traditional , combined with modern, funky items.
  • Natural and eco-friendly: Opt for reusable decorations, , and DIY elements.
  • Festive minimalism: Embrace a sophisticated decor with delicate lights, scented candles, and small touches of greenery. Be sure to avoid overcrowding the space.
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