The ‘Granny Chic’ Trend: Will You Join In?

Imagine cozying your with authentic, vintage porcelain dishware from Grandma's times. This look is making a big comeback in , making your home feel more nostalgic and homely.

High Demand for Vintage Dishware

It appears that vintage dishware, preferably porcelain adorned with country flowers and gold trim, is in high demand. The kind of dishware you'd usually spot at French grandmothers' places is now stealing the shows in the market.

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Moreover, it's not only about owning these beautiful pieces; people are enjoying the thrill of the hunt. They are traveling far and wide to flea markets, garage sales, and consignment shops in a bid to collect these classic items. The range of items being snapped up includes everything from bowls and cups to teapots, plates, and salad bowls.

The Rise of ‘Granny Chic’

The trend fondly labeled ‘Granny Chic', is not just about dishware. It signifies a broader shift towards a more authentic, nostalgic style. This style takes you back to the “30 Glorious Years”, featuring rustic tiles, formica, and floral patterns that lend a charm to your living space.

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Vintage Dishware in Restaurants and Stores

Not just homes, even trendy restaurants and new collections by decor brands and concept stores are also beginning to incorporate vintage dishware into their designs. The trend of mixing patterns, porcelain, and old services to create a trendy and cosy table is gaining momentum in 2024.

Soaring Prices

As demand for these items grows, so do their prices. The value of vintage dishware has doubled or even tripled, reflecting the high demand and their dwindling availability. However, don't fret; you can still find these items on platforms like Ebay, Leboncoin, local flea markets, or specialized sites such as the Etsy corner ‘TheBearsHouse'.

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