Grey Hair and Glasses: The Ultimate Style Guide for Women Over 60

Grey hair isn't just for the elderly! It's becoming a highly sought-after style trend, and with the right haircut, you can certainly pull off a chic and stylish look. To inspire you, we've compiled numerous hairstyle ideas for women over 60 with grey hair and glasses.

Classic Short Bob

The classic short bob, a hairstyle that's stood the test of time since the roaring 1920s, is a superb choice. If you want to add a modern twist, consider layering it for extra volume and dimension. Alternatively, if you prefer something a bit longer, a bob with a curtain fringe would frame your face nicely, especially with glasses.

Pixie Cut

For a more trendy look, the pixie cut is your go-to option. This short hairstyle works wonderfully with cat-eye or round glasses frames. For those who love bold frames, a longer pixie cut offers the flexibility to style your hair in various ways to create volume.

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Slightly Longer Hairstyles

If you're a fan of slightly longer , they can help elongate the face, offering a flattering silhouette. Whether you just brush it or curl it, this style works well for women with thicker hair. For those with thin, flat hair, creating heatless curls or scandi waves can inject volume into your hair, achieving a youthful, romantic appearance.

Fringes and Shaggy Haircuts

Fringes can take years off your face, and they mirror perfectly with a shaggy haircut. A cut just above the eyebrows will ensure your glasses and hairstyle complement each other. For an elegant and sophisticated look, try a lob with layers and a curtain fringe, but remember to style it well.

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Long Hair

Contrary to popular belief, long hair can still look stunning and trendy on women over 60. In fact, dark espresso long hairstyles are projected to be a top hair colour trend in . For those who wear dramatic glasses frames, it might be better to skip the fringe. A prime example of a rejuvenating long hairstyle is Madonna's fiery red locks with dark roots, which pair superbly with glasses.

Other Hairstyle Ideas

Grey hair does wonders with a black ensemble. A tapered short haircut is one of the many other possible hairstyles for women over 60 with grey hair and glasses. Also, the mullet cut is set to make a big comeback in 2023.

We'd love to hear from you! Let us know which haircut catches your eye and what hair colour you think best matches with women over 60.

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