Unveil the Stunning Secrets of AMPM’s New Collection

Enter the world of AMPM's Spring-Summer 2024 collection, where the boundaries between the mineral and plant worlds blur into a symphony of . This fresh assembly not only boasts timeless designs, but also uniquely embodies the spirit of nature and its elements.

Unveiling the Collection

The collection showcases a deliberate focus on open spaces bathed in omnipresent light. This captivating interplay between space and light helps to accentuate the vibrant colors and organic shapes inherent in the design. Highlighted include lacquer, colored acrylic, and organic creations, masterfully brought to life by designer Emmanuel Gallina.

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Each item in the collection, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, carries the undeniable signature of nature. Majestic materials such as glass and walnut find a home in the majority of the pieces, creating a cohesive, organic experience for the viewer.

Innovative and Inspiring Pieces

Take the CLAY coffee table, for instance. This stunning piece, featuring solid walnut legs and a sleek glass tabletop, exemplifies AMPM's commitment to uniting function and form. Additionally, the collection's color palette takes its cues from the earth and plant life, incorporating hues such as khaki and olive. This creates an ambiance that is both warm and genuine.

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A New Outdoor Living Experience

Delving into the outdoor collection, expect to encounter an array of simple, yet timeless, and objects. From lazy garden islands and mineral side tables to comfortable outdoor and terracotta planters, each piece carries the promise of a relaxed, shared environment.

The core idea behind the collection is to facilitate a reconnection with the environment. By creating space for relaxation, sharing, and authenticity, AMPM allows every individual to carve out a piece of paradise in their own home. The collection goes beyond mere functionality, transforming everyday items into enduring art.

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