Are You Guilty of These Common Interior Decor Mistakes?

Creating a visually pleasing and well-organized interior space can sometimes be a challenge. A common mistake is overcrowding, which can make a room look smaller and feel cluttered. Let's explore some common interior décor and some helpful for avoiding them.

Avoid Overcrowding Interior Spaces

Overcrowding can often make a space look disorderly. A common mistake is using too many cushions on sofas or incorporating too many small, unnecessary decorative objects. Taking a minimalist approach can help create a more spacious and orderly looking space.

Another thing to consider is color. Too many can result in visual fatigue. Large items such as furniture, walls, and curtains should ideally be in neutral colors. This can also help to create a more harmonious and visually pleasing space.

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Even the refrigerator can contribute to a cluttered appearance. A refrigerator plastered with magnets, notes, and papers can detract from the overall of the room.

Choosing the Right Furniture Sizes

Selecting appropriate furniture sizes can significantly affect how a space looks and feels. Large tables, for instance, can make a room seem smaller than it actually is. Similarly, tall furniture can make the ceiling appear lower than it is.

When arranging your furniture, don't line all of it along the walls. This common mistake can make a room feel less inviting. Additionally, a small rug can make a room appear cluttered, while shelves used for rather than displaying visually pleasing items can make a space look disorderly.

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Strategic Placement of Pictures and Mirrors

Randomly hanging pictures and mirrors can make a space look messy. Consider creating a gallery wall arrangement instead. Not every wall needs to be filled. Leaving some wall space empty provides a visual resting spot, helping to prevent visual fatigue.

Strategically placed mirrors can also contribute to a room's brightness by reflecting light throughout the room.

Limit the Number of Plants

While plants can bring life and color to a space, overcrowding a room with plants can make it feel cramped. Avoid large or overflowing plants, as they can take up too much space and create a feeling of clutter.

Don’t Neglect the Entrance

The entranceway is often the first thing people see when they enter your . Neglecting it could leave an impression of disorder, even if the rest of the rooms are tidy. By keeping the entrance neat and clutter-free, you can create a positive first impression.

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