Experience Love Like Never Before in This 6 Parisian Restaurants!

Experience a Valentine's Day to remember by immersing yourself in the romantic allure of these six Parisian restaurants.

Le Melville

Located in 's classy 8th district, Le Melville offers an intimate restaurant setting, jazzed up by a live band playing every night. Isabelle Farran's adds an air of refinement to the restaurant. The menu is a journey, inspired by the chef's adventures and a nod to his Tunisian grandmother's recipes.


In the same district, Lafayette's is nestled in a glamorous private mansion. The building was once the Marquis de La Fayette's reception area and has since been modernised by architect Lázaro Rosa-Violán. Chef Mory Sacko brings to table a fusion of French and African dishes to delight your palate.

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For a touch of classic Paris romance, visit Edmond. Perched on the 7th floor of Terrass' Hotel in the 18th district, Edmond presents a chic, vintage ambiance and a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower. Their menu features exquisite seafood dishes that will undoubtedly impress.


Looking for a dining experience? Unplug is your spot. This retro-futuristic bar boasts a transformative visual and sound system that carries you to various landscapes. The restaurant, designed by architecture studio Mur.Mur, serves cocktails and food inspired by cuisines from all over the world.

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Le Petit Beefbar

Le Petit Beefbar is an elegant setup that mirrors a typical Parisian brasserie. The restaurant revisits traditional French dishes in its own unique style. Its interior, showcasing Art Deco-inspired designs, enhances the overall dining experience.

Chez Gala

If you're after a fun, cozy atmosphere, Chez Gala, a festive Mediterranean restaurant located in Paris, is the ideal choice. A central bar with green zellige tiles is a key feature of the restaurant. It offers a twist on classic French cuisine, infusing Mediterranean flavors. For a little extra entertainment, a “disco hammam” in the basement lets guests dance the night away.

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